How to become affiliate

The assistance to the opening of the pizzeria includes the location choice, the store construction, the pre- and post-opening marketing, the staff training and the supply of the selection of raw materials, which together with the doughs are the strong strengths of the company.

Here are some characteristics of the stores.

Selling point

delivered turnkey, complete with permissions.


areas with high population density.


to be evaluated, depending on the surface.


from 3 to 8, depending on the type of service, if only delivery or even with consummation at the table.


assistance in the evaluation and definition of the activity, periodic training, the schedule of the launch of the store, co-marketing, supply of doughts and certain raw materials, with top-level partners for supplies in general.


Green Pizza organizes a 1st level course for pizza makers (for those who have no work experience), a postgraduate Master for those with experience who are about to open a store. Courses are hold in a Greenpizza pizzeria under the guidance of experienced professionals, in order to acquire all the necessary techniques of production and management.

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