Pizziaioli 1st level

For those who have no work experience, the course will take place in a green store .It has a duration of 40 hours (with a maximum of 15 students). Your teachers will be trained professionals with proven experience in practical and theoretical fields. At the end of the course, with a minimum frequency of 7 classes, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Green Pizza Maters

Looking at pizza makers with a minimum of work experience, the course will last three months and will take place at a green" store. In addition to the practice specialization, the subjects of teaching will focus on: financial know-how, point-of-sale management, HR management, HACCP system, logistic methods and delivery planning.

Affiliate update

4-hour of updated course in which are presented and discussed new raw materials, the last techniques, as well as updates on health and bureaucratic matters.

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