GREEN PIZZA is the intuition of two friends that, through the experience matured in the field, have developed an innovative network of take-away pizza point of sales.

Today the “Green” project, born in 2003, is well established and devotes great energy to innovation and attention to several aspects of the store, to ensure a positive experience for both affiliates and customers.

The new proposal

The new proposal differs for the supply of two doughs: the first one for table service and the second for delivery service. They are produced with selected high quality raw materials. The franchising distinguishes itself also for an ordering system – even with app – and a precise and accurate delivery service.

In addition, the attention to interior design gives a cozy frame to the rigorous hygiene and quality standards that distinguish the “Greenstyle”.

The assistance to the opening of the pizzeria includes the location choice, the store construction, the pre- and post-opening marketing, the staff training and the supply of the  selection of raw materials, which together with the doughs are the strong strengths of the company.

The focus 

Work towards the ingredients is the focus of the founders: first of all healthy ingredients and digestibility. Actually the pizza has to be considered not just a whim, but a complete food which is good for the body and the taste, “we are what we eat.”

greenPIZZA the franchise of take away

Why to choose the green style!

For our values
For the attention to health
For our passion
For the respect of the environment
For our style